Summer Comiket 94: Event Diary

Seeing the crowds before I got off the train makes me feel excited for my first Comiket experience. I was thankful I happened to see an article about this event a month before or I’ll be ever regretful for the rest of my life. Attending Comiket has always been a dream of mine since I love to see the famous crowd control in my own eyes.

For those who haven’t known Comiket, Comic Market is a bi-annual event held on summer (every second week of August) and winter (every last week of December) where it draws half a million people from all over the world. This is where thousands of doujinshi/self-published artists sell their works to their followers. This isn’t also limited to the sellers and buyers but also for hundreds of cosplayers to show off their costumes. 

This year’s Summer Comiket was held from August 10 to 12 at Tokyo Big Sight. Since I haven’t got any favorite doujinshi artist to buy from so I decided to stay only on the cosplay area.

During the event, the temperature reaches for almost 40 degrees and it was hard for me to stay under the heat of the sun for hours. Its quite a shame I got only to took a few shots than expected. But after all, I enjoyed roaming around the area and see their awesome costumes and skits.

Here are the highlight cosplay photos I took each day. The Japanese cosplayers were so friendly even though I was having a lack of Japanese during our conversation. どもありがとうございました!

See the full album for more photos or follow on my twitter.

Taken from Nikon 3400 and 50mm 1.4f.

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