Tokyo Game Show 2018: Event Diary

Tokyo Game Show is currently the biggest convention for game enthusiasts in Asia. Hundreds of games were showcased and has occupied all the exhibition halls of Makuhari Messe.

Since I bought two-day tickets (September 22 & 23), I focused on one thing each day: cosplay on first and exhibits on second.

Day 1

The cosplay event was organized by the biggest cosplay community, WorldCosplay. I had registered on this community before but since I’m a photographer, I wasn’t so active. Anyways, the cosplay area was full of cosplayers, photographers, and sightseers. It may have lesser cosplayers than Comiket but the quality of their costumes were superb. As usual, there were tons of photographers lining up on their favorites and since there were some cosplayers that caught my eye, lining up for wouldn’t be a waste of time.

Taken from Nikon D3400 and 50mm 1.4f

Day 2

I heard that one of my favorite anime in current season, Starlight Revue, will be releasing their mobile game on November so I thought to myself maybe Revue will be exhibited on this event. Therefore, I decided to first went to Bushiroad to check out their booth. I was really happy to see the standee of 99th class main characters + additional characters for the new game. I’m also happy to see some familiar games from Bandai Namco like the Tales series and God Eater.

I’m not a gaming person so I’m not as passionate than the other people attending TGS but I after this event, I never expected to enjoy myself watching some cool games and the overwhelming crowd. If I was asked if I would come to this event, definitely I would come again. 

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