Spring Diary 2019: Nakano Sakura Dori

Getting to Nakano wasn’t really part of that day’s walk as I was initially planning to visit Inui Street only, a street inside the Imperial Palace where it only opens to the public during sakura season and autumn. However, my visit inside the Imperial Palace ended earlier than expected so I did a random pick of train lines in Tokyo Station and ended up going to Shinjuku via Marunouchi Line. While looking for what things to take in Shinjuku, I stumbled upon an Instagram post from my favorite local photographer on the railroad crossing with cherry blossoms.

I transferred to Seibu Shinjuku Station and ride a train going to Araiyakushi-Mae Station. 

This isn’t my first time seeing a sakura street but having a railroad crossing between these flowering trees made Nakano’s Sakura-dori unlike the others. As arrived to the place, I saw some local photographers waiting up the pedestrian bridge facing to the crossing. I  joined them and sat down on the bridge. 

I only had my 40mm lens with me but this doesn’t hinder me to get my bucket shot. 

I walked down on the 2km street going to Nakano Station. It was nice walking this street without any signs of overcrowding unlike Ueno Park, Meguro River and other popular hanami spots …only just locals doing their weekend routine.

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