Anime Pilgrimage #2: Midnight Occult Civil Servants (part 1)

My extensive pilgrimage on Midnight Occult Civil Servants (真夜中のオカルト公務員) around Shinjuku Ward. From this walk, I covered Shinjuku’s sightseeing spots promoted in their twitter (this article) and scenes featured in the anime.

Episode 2: Zenkokuji, Kagurazaka (鎮護山 善國寺)
Episode 3. Mount Hakone, Toyama (箱根山)
Episode 4: Inarikiou Shrine, Kabukicho (稲荷鬼王神社)
Episode 5: Tokyo Metropolitan Building, Nishi-shinjuku (東京都庁)
Episode 6: Coffee L’ambre, Shinjuku (名曲・珈琲 らんぶる)
Episode 7: Shinjuku Chou Park, Nishi-shinjuku (新宿中央公園)
Episode 8: Shinjuku Tourist Information (新宿観光案内所)
Episode 9: Shinjuku Station (新宿駅)
Episode 10: Natsume Soseki Memorial Museum (漱石山房記念館)
Episode 11: Hanazono Shrine (花園神社)
Episode 12: Shinjuku City Hall (新宿区役所)

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