Anime Pilgrimage #2: Midnight Occult Civil Servants (part 2)

This is the second part of my pilgrimage for Midnight Occult Civil Servants (真夜中のオカルト公務員).

Kagurazaka (神楽坂)

Arata Miyako’s home location. Kagurazaka is a shopping district along sloping street near Iidabashi Station. Zenkokuji and Akagi Shrine was featured in the anime.

Mount Hakone (箱根山)

Featured in Episode 3: “Trickster with Amber Eyes”. Thankfully, this is not the mountain located Kanagawa Prefecture but at Toyama in Shinjuku Ward.

Kabukicho (歌舞伎町)

Featured during their observation work in Episode 4: Fixed Point Observation in Kabukicho. 

Shinjuku City Office (新宿区役所)

The location of Shinjuku Ward Nocturnal Community Relations Division. It is where our main characters work to deal with Anothers.

Tokyo Metropolitan Building (東京都庁舎)

Tokyo Metropolitan Gov’t Building was featured trice in the series (Episode 1: Angel and Tengu above the Shinjuku SkyEpisode 4: The Parallel World Elevator of the City Hall Observation Deck, and Episode 9: The Dream Demon of the Haunted Apartment Block).

Outside Shinjuku

Bunkyo Ward (文京区)

From the Episode 8: Old Coyote and the Garden of Falling Stars, as Arata, Nekomata, and Kohaku walk to the east of Tokyo (according on the map), they passed Tokyo Dome and Yushima Tenmagu.

Taito Ward (台東区)

From the Episode 8: Old Coyote and the Garden of Falling Stars, they also took a stop around Shinobazu Pond in Ueno and passed Asakusa.

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