Anime Pilgrimage #4: Sarazanmai Map Pre-distribution Event

Following the finale episode of Sarazanmai, a pre-distribution event for 舞台探訪 (scene exploration) map was held at Sumida Park Riverside Gallery last Saturday. It was actually a good opportunity to revisit the locations with other Sarazanmai fans.

It was 10:30 in the morning when I got to the venue but I didn’t expect that there were tons of people lining up. Actually, it took me more than an hour to get the map and start the pilgrimage.

As I walk through the Kappabashi Street, I got to spot the kappas featured in series.

The croquette that appeared in the episode 7 is happened to be the Kappa Croquette that can be bought right in front of My Basket store along Kappabashi Street. This croquette is only 129 yen (cheap but delicious!)

Around the Kappabashi area, there were stores that were giving out special candies with the faces of Kazuki, Toi, and Enta in Kappa version.

And now, the main highlight of the event: the anime pilgrimage.

​The locations that I visited were based on the map they distributed. It wasn’t detailed as to my previous pilgrimage, however it was a good pace for a casual pilgrimage.

I started my walk from the square space of Kappa Kawataro Statue.

Just a few walks from the statue is the viewpoint of Kappabashi Street with Skytree Tower. Since the weather at that time was a so-so, I didn’t get to see the tower clearly.

I went back to the Asakusa and visited Hanayashiki, the amusement park that appeared from the episode 2 and episode 8.

While going to the next location, I was quite surprise that this scene above were located right beside the amusement park.

雷5656会館 (or literally Thunder 5656 Hall) was Sara-chan’s handshaking event venue. 

I went back to the Kaminarimon Gate and took a photo of the Asakusa Tourist Information Center where the Sarazanmai map might probably be available in there anytime soon. A special info of this building: it has an observatory where you can see the Nakamise Shopping Street and a good view of Sumida River from above.

From the Sarazanmai map, this point gets you a proper view of Azuma Bridge but at the time I went there, it was currently on renovation so the bridge is covered with gray net for now.

And for the last stop in the map. The cafe found in Sumida Park has been the hangout place of Kazuki and his brother Haruka in the anime. From the cafe, you can perfectly see the Tokyo Skytree from the left side and the passing Tobu Skytree train on the right side.

After the long walk, I went back to Sumida Park Riverside Gallery hoping to see the cute kappa mascot and luckily, I made on time to its last appearance. I was really thankful for the staff for accommodating me even my Japanese wasn’t that really fluent. 

It was actually my first time participating this kind of event and I really enjoyed a lot. I slightly talk to some Japanese fans and get to ask who my favorite character is (which I didn’t expect for that). 

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