Spring Diary 2020: Sakura and Snow

Late night of March 28, I checked my weather app and surprised to see snow forecast tomorrow morning. Surprised since I will be forecasted to fall in the middle of sakura season in Tokyo.

I woke up around 8AM on March 29 cause I feel like freezing inside my room. I turned my heater on and opened my window to see the situation outside. Once again, I was surprised on a heavy snow coating my neighbors rooftop.

If you can imagined how I was excited over the heavy snow cause I immediately went out the house with my thick coat, DSLR camera and my mask after a (very) short breakfast.

It was the first weekend when the government requested the residents not to go out due to COVID-19, therefore, I only ended up doing a short visit to the sakura spot in my neighborhood. But this doesn’t disappoint me since I was lucky to see it in my own eyes. The last time it snowed in Tokyo during sakura season was around 50 years ago.

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