Location Analysis: The Millionaire Detective

episode 2: “Love Does Much, Money Does Everything”

The episode started with Kato Haru and Kambe Daisuke from their office in Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Building to Shinjuku Station.

Bringing the supplies for the Stop Shoplifting Campaign, they walk around Shinjuku Station West Exit and met the two street performers.

The Tower: Daisuke’s expensive purchase

The Tower was the building their target, Isezaki, resides and the building that Daisuke acquired in the later episode. Since it it a residential property, the production staff probably drew less detail as it supposed to be. However, some areas around the building remains the same. So how does it looked like in real life? 

Park Court Akasaka Hinokicho The Tower is a condominium complex located in Akasaka, a neighboring area of Roppongi. I managed to narrow down the place after the interrogation they had with the two street performers in which they bought the drugs in Roppongi. 

Aside from the name itself, I was convince this was the building due to the familiar pedestrian bridge I found nearby.

Stakeout on Isezaki

Haru, Daisuke and the journalist, Mita (but later, Haru did it alone) was doing secret surveillance with Isezaki in hopes of knowing his backer.

Roppongi Hills

Parking lot near Rainbow Bridge

Tsutaya Books Daikanyama

Prince Park Tower Tokyo “Sky Lounge”

Kambe’s Mansion

Well, Haru was right about Daisuke’s mansion as a hotel at first look. It has a similar architecture design from the former Tokyo Imperial Hotel in Chiyoda that was built way back on 1976 by Frank Lloyd Wright. Its entrance and lobby has been saved and now been preserved at Meiji Miura in Aichi.

Regarding the location of their mansion, according to an interview with the Millionaire Detective’s producers, on the beginning of the project, they went to visit Akasaka Palace to get the atmosphere they wanted for Kambe’s mansion. And addition to that, they wanted Kambe family to reside at the center of the city, where Akasaka Palace also locates.

Note: Real world photos are taken from Google Maps and Street Views. Screenshots from anime goes to the respective animation production committee. Once again, this is made for comparative research purposes and guide for reader’s future pilgrimage. Take this article with credit.

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