First Snaps in Tokyo (Recap from 2020)

Kon’nichiwa from Tokyo!

After months on adapting Japan’s culture and lifestyle, I could finally share to you some my snaps I had from these past few months.

It’s already been two years since I wrote this introduction. Within the period, I made friends, discovered new hobbies, and still continues to learn Japan’s culture and lifestyle. Since I moved my blog from weebly subdomain to my own domain, why not make a recap from my first snaps in Tokyo.

#1: Trip to the Unknown Place

January 25, 2018. Before our plane took a landing in Narita International Airport, I can’t sit still in my seat as I see the ground filled with snow, cars running on left side which made myself thought that I am finally in Japan. First few hours in Narita was surreal hearing people speaking Japanese, breathing in a cold, dry air and staying in an unfamiliar environment.

It was my first international trip and so was my first one-way trip. However, I felt the excitement more than the uncertainties to this unfamiliar place.

This was my first time riding a train. Funny story, I was searching the station outside the airport not knowing some trains can ran underground.

#2: First Weekend Stop: Ikebukuro

January 27, 2018. Spent my first Saturday in Ikebukuro. I was too nervous on my first stroll in Tokyo so I decided to start on Ikebukuro which is just a few stops from my apartment. I could actually remember how I was wonderstruck after I went out from the station and greeted me with tall buildings and winter air. 

Ikebukuro is between our workplace and home, so this place became my to-go after work. Recently, I keep on visiting this stationery corner in Tokyu Hands, not for stationery, but on file folders and storage boxes, which is weirdly my recent obsession (but I only buy those when needed).

#2.5: First Weekend Stop: Akihabara

January 28, 2018. Akihabara is the first place I planned to go because of my likes in anime. Inside the station, I was being greeted with characters from different games and anime (completely forgot to take pictures during that time). 

I haven’t visited Akihabara these past few months. I realized Akihabara is meant for male otaku or fan of anime/manga targeting male audience, which is not my type. The last time I visited Akihabara was when I was walking from Ueno.

#3. Famous Kaleidoscope

February 3, 2018. I promised myself that I should visit this during my first month stay. After seeing foreign tourist taking this iconic spot in Harajuku, might as well have my version to it.

Months later, I passed this place again but this time, with my family during their holiday vacation in Tokyo. I managed to take a mirror selfie.

#4. Candid with Japanese kids

February 3, 2018. I decided to walk around Yoyogi Park since this park was just a fifteen walk from Harajuku. It’s a big park where you can to do fun activities with friends and family. By the time I went to Yoyogi, I happened to see kids playing bubbles and it is the most cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

One year later, saw the kids playing bubbles in the same area again. Took it on December 2018.

#5. Hidden Alley’s Other Side

February 12, 2018. I had an impression on Shinjuku as a dangerous place to roam around so I was kinda wary when I first visited this place. I planned to do a whole-day stroll in Shinjuku therefore I went there by 9AM. But it wasn’t what I expected to be as I feel safe to walk on the back alleys especially on the infamous Kabukicho. 

Shinjuku is definitely my favorite photo spot. I usually came here at night and since they’re tons of people, I feel safer. Well, Japan is one of the safest country to travel around.

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