Anime Pilgrimage #11: Tada-kun Never Falls in Love (Chidorigafuchi, Tokyo Skytree)

Reposted article. Pilgrimage done last September 14, 2019

I’m back with the second part of my pilgrimage trip for Tada-kun Never Falls in Love. Once again, credits to @fly_ask for pinpointing the location.
More location of Tada-kun Never Falls in Love: Hibiya, Ginza

Chidorigafuchi Park

Chidorigafuchi park is a famous cherry blossom spot in Tokyo. Every day in cherry blossom season, thousands of people packed to have hanami (cherry blossom viewing) experience there until night time. 
Anyways, I made a trip here during the start of autumn season. It’s kinda difficult to see its connection to the anime because of the falling leaves (and no sakura flower also). Maybe I’ll be going back to this spot during cherry blossom season next year. 

Tokyo Skytree

After Chidorigafuchi Park, I was lucky there was a metro line in a nearest station going to Tokyo Skytree (Hanzomon Line). This isn’t actually my first time going to Skytree but I haven’t gone to the top of the tower. Thanks to this, I finally got to experience what is like to be on the highest point in the world.

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