Anime Pilgrimage #14: Yama no Susume (Mt. Takao)

I started hiking just last year, with a decision to climb Mt. Fuji someday, and recently, I discovered the anime series Yama no Susume and fell in love with it. Starting with this article, I’ll try my best to take steps and do a pilgrimage of all the mountains they climbed, including Mt. Fuji.

Today’s climb is Mt. Takao, a second mountain climbed by Hinata and Aoi during the first season of the series. Mt. Takao is a popular hiking spot near Tokyo and good starting mountain for beginners, as its elevation is only just about 600m.

The nearest station from Mt. Takao’s base is Takaosanguchi Station. As the first season aired last 2013, lots of changes were happening within 9 years.

Ascending via Trail 1: Omotesando Trail

A paved and popular trail in Mt. Takao. It’s easy to walk, however, first 45 minutes has a tight slope that can be strenuous. I recommend keeping your pace while walking here (unlike me and Hinata).

Along the trail is Mt. Takao Beer Mount.

Took a break here and try the Mitsufuku Dango (worth 400 yen) while looking the city view.

Just a few walks is the store where the flying squirrel plush, where Hinata bought it for Aoi, was sold.

Poster for the anime’s upcoming season, Next Summit, was also there!

Kaiun Hippari Dako, said to bring you luck, if you brush its head.

At this point, the trail is divided into two slopes: otokozaka (men’s slope) and onnazaka (women’s slope). Hinata and Aoi walks the otokozaka, with stone stairways along the way.

Mt. Takao’s shrine, Yakuin Temple.

Mt. Takao Summit

Finally to the summit!

There are lot of people taking their lunch around this area. But well, seeing both the city and Mt. Fuji in one area just tells how popular Mt. Takao is!

Descending via Trail 6: Biwa Waterfall Trail

Unlike Trail 1, path in Trail 6 isn’t covered with pavements thus bringing its level higher than the former.

The ‘infamous’ endless stairs of trail 6 is where Aoi and Hinata met Kokona.

Stepping stones. Quite regretful that the big stepping rocks were long gone.

Biwa Waterfalls. I get a timing to witness a monk doing a meditation under the falls.

Hike done!

It’s been almost a year since I haven’t done any pilgrimage and I’m happy to start it while doing it together with my recent hobby.

As expected, this is what I love with anime pilgrimaging!

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