Anime Pilgrimage #15: Fanfare of Adolescence

I made a pilgrimage on this current season’s anime, Fanfare of Adolescence, focusing on its first three episodes.

As Fanfare of Adolescence a collaboration anime project of Aniplex and Japan Racing Association (JRA), we’ll see a lot of models coming from JRA’s facilities around Kanto region.

JRA Horse Racing School

The school where Arimura Yuu and his fellow classmates were modeled from JRA Horse Racing School in Shiroi, Chiba.

We aren’t allowed to take a photos or enter in the school premises (except for those who apply the school tours). However, there are some photos I took while walking from an open road that pass between the school area and the outer track.

JRA Tokyo Racecourse

The derby from episode 2 was held in JRA Tokyo Racecourse in Fuchu. During my time of visit has a race event from Nakayama Racecourse. Therefore, the racecourse was open for public access and less crowded unlike what I imagined.

Nishi-shiroi Station

Horse racing school’s nearest station. The anime is collaborating with Hoso Railway where they had a limited commemorative ticket (two design versions for Nishi Shiroi Station and Shiroi Station) and a standee of Kazanami Shun placed right in front of the ticket gate.

Nishi Shiroi Station → JRA Horse Racing School

From Nishi Shiroi Station, I tried to follow the route Arimura Yuu made on Episode 1 to school. Google maps suggestion doesn’t gave the exact route that Yuu went, so the location identification was solely based on the landmarks from the scene cut.

Episode 1: First Encounter

Shibuya Crossing

Episode 3: Prince From a Distant Land

Lawson Shiroi Branch

Shiroi Golf

Intersection in Shiroi

ED: Outsiders by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:Junki Kono & Sho Yonashiro (JO1)

Shibuya 109

Note: Please don’t take out anything without my permission.

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