anime pilgrimage

Anime Pilgrimage #17: Paripi Koumei

Made a pilgrimage focusing on each episodes of Paripi Koumei (will update this article for future episodes). While looking through the locations, most of them were heavily placed within the area of Shibuya, and with small scenes from Roppongi district. BB Lounge The club that Koumei and Eiko work at is modeled from Vuenos Tokyo…

Anime Pilgrimage #15: Fanfare of Adolescence

I made a pilgrimage on this current season’s anime, Fanfare of Adolescence, focusing on its first three episodes. As Fanfare of Adolescence a collaboration anime project of Aniplex and Japan Racing Association (JRA), we’ll see a lot of models coming from JRA’s facilities around Kanto region.

Anime Pilgrimage #14: Yama no Susume (Mt. Takao)

I started hiking just last year, with a decision to climb Mt. Fuji someday, and recently, I discovered the anime series Yama no Susume and fell in love with it. Starting with this article, I’ll try my best to take steps and do a pilgrimage of all the mountains they climbed, including Mt. Fuji. Today’s…

Anime Pilgrimage #13: Jujutsu Kaisen

It’s been a while since my last pilgrimage (last time was 2019, I think). Now that I finally get into my zone, I started taking a walk for Jujutsu Kaisen in which most of the locations were in Tokyo areas. Locations were pinpointed thanks to @kimamanidance and @flyingbird1124.


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