Anime Pilgrimage #17: Paripi Koumei

Made a pilgrimage focusing on each episodes of Paripi Koumei (will update this article for future episodes). While looking through the locations, most of them were heavily placed within the area of Shibuya, and with small scenes from Roppongi district.

BB Lounge

The club that Koumei and Eiko work at is modeled from Vuenos Tokyo located at Hyakkendana area. However due to effects of pandemic, the club was closed last 2020 and is replaced with CLUB Neverland.

Episode 1: Kongming Descends Upon Shibuya

17-1 Udagawacho

Dogenzaka Alley

Udagawa-Inokashira Street

Episode 2: Kongming Uses a Stratagem

Yoyogi Park

Atom Tokyo

Episode 3: Kongming Learns of the Right Path to Take

Takeshita Street

Yoyogi Park (Basketball Court area)

Yoyogi Event Plaza

Episode 4: Kongming Lights the Way

Roppongi Crossing


Tsuru Ton Tan

Episode 5: Kongming Busts a Rhyme

alleyway near Yoyogi Station

Sendagaya Parking Lot (Block A)

around Yoyogi Station area

Chihato Children’s Playground

Anime Pilgrimage #15: Fanfare of Adolescence

I made a pilgrimage on this current season’s anime, Fanfare of Adolescence, focusing on its first three episodes.

As Fanfare of Adolescence a collaboration anime project of Aniplex and Japan Racing Association (JRA), we’ll see a lot of models coming from JRA’s facilities around Kanto region.

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Anime Pilgrimage #14: Yama no Susume (Mt. Takao)

I started hiking just last year, with a decision to climb Mt. Fuji someday, and recently, I discovered the anime series Yama no Susume and fell in love with it. Starting with this article, I’ll try my best to take steps and do a pilgrimage of all the mountains they climbed, including Mt. Fuji.

Today’s climb is Mt. Takao, a second mountain climbed by Hinata and Aoi during the first season of the series. Mt. Takao is a popular hiking spot near Tokyo and good starting mountain for beginners, as its elevation is only just about 600m.

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Anime Pilgrimage #11: Tada-kun Never Falls in Love (Chidorigafuchi, Tokyo Skytree)

Reposted article. Pilgrimage done last September 14, 2019

I’m back with the second part of my pilgrimage trip for Tada-kun Never Falls in Love. Once again, credits to @fly_ask for pinpointing the location.
More location of Tada-kun Never Falls in Love: Hibiya, Ginza

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Anime Pilgrimage #11: Tada-kun Never Falls in Love (Sakuradamon, Ginza)

Reposted article. Pilgrimage done last May 2019.

Tada-kun Never Falls in Love is one of the series I’ve loved and followed during its airing last Spring season. It isn’t because of the romance genre tagged on the series but the love of the photography Tada and the other members of the club had. It is quite rare to have a photographer as one of the main character therefore this anime has a special place in my heart.
I have been planning to visit this place during its airing but due to the Tokyo heat wave, it took me months till I push this trip. Not until yesterday, I decided to plan out this trip (credits to @fly_ask for pinpointing the location) and started my half-day pilgrimage of Tada-kun Never Falls in Love starting from Sakuradamon and Ginza (this article) to Chidorigafuchi and Tokyo Skytree.

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A Year with JO1: JAM Diary

This may be overdue but I’ll share to you my first and best experience I had with JO1 as a JAM last year. It was quite surreal that I was able to follow a group so deeply unlike to my previous groups. I was a Kpop fan for 8 years and one group I ult-ed before JO1 was Wanna One. However for Wanna One, I didn’t do to the extent on following their activities and collecting all their stuff as what I’m currently doing for JO1.

One possible reason why I fall deeply on JO1’s swamp is probably because I got connected with them too fast and too early. Since I understand a bit of Japanese and currently working in Tokyo, the access in getting all the contents and goods were too convenient. The probability on meeting them is too high and it somewhat motivates me to work hard and go to concerts or live events to see them. However due to the current situation, it’s regretful that I only got to see them online.

Anyways, I’m going to write in blog was my 推し活 (oshikatsu, stanning activity) I did last year. This isn’t as detailed since it happened way back that my memory could retrieved most of them. I only get to relive them after looking at my past tweets and IG archives.

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