Anime Pilgrimage #17: Paripi Koumei

Made a pilgrimage focusing on each episodes of Paripi Koumei (will update this article for future episodes). While looking through the locations, most of them were heavily placed within the area of Shibuya, and with small scenes from Roppongi district.

BB Lounge

The club that Koumei and Eiko work at is modeled from Vuenos Tokyo located at Hyakkendana area. However due to effects of pandemic, the club was closed last 2020 and is replaced with CLUB Neverland.

Episode 1: Kongming Descends Upon Shibuya

17-1 Udagawacho

Dogenzaka Alley

Udagawa-Inokashira Street

Episode 2: Kongming Uses a Stratagem

Yoyogi Park

Atom Tokyo

Episode 3: Kongming Learns of the Right Path to Take

Takeshita Street

Yoyogi Park (Basketball Court area)

Yoyogi Event Plaza

Episode 4: Kongming Lights the Way

Roppongi Crossing


Tsuru Ton Tan

Episode 5: Kongming Busts a Rhyme

alleyway near Yoyogi Station

Sendagaya Parking Lot (Block A)

around Yoyogi Station area

Chihato Children’s Playground