A Year with JO1: JAM Diary

This may be overdue but I’ll share to you my first and best experience I had with JO1 as a JAM last year. It was quite surreal that I was able to follow a group so deeply unlike to my previous groups. I was a Kpop fan for 8 years and one group I ult-ed before JO1 was Wanna One. However for Wanna One, I didn’t do to the extent on following their activities and collecting all their stuff as what I’m currently doing for JO1.

One possible reason why I fall deeply on JO1’s swamp is probably because I got connected with them too fast and too early. Since I understand a bit of Japanese and currently working in Tokyo, the access in getting all the contents and goods were too convenient. The probability on meeting them is too high and it somewhat motivates me to work hard and go to concerts or live events to see them. However due to the current situation, it’s regretful that I only got to see them online.

Anyways, I’m going to write in blog was my 推し活 (oshikatsu, stanning activity) I did last year. This isn’t as detailed since it happened way back that my memory could retrieved most of them. I only get to relive them after looking at my past tweets and IG archives.

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First Snaps in Tokyo (Recap from 2020)

Kon’nichiwa from Tokyo!

After months on adapting Japan’s culture and lifestyle, I could finally share to you some my snaps I had from these past few months.

It’s already been two years since I wrote this introduction. Within the period, I made friends, discovered new hobbies, and still continues to learn Japan’s culture and lifestyle. Since I moved my blog from weebly subdomain to my own domain, why not make a recap from my first snaps in Tokyo.

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Spring Diary 2020: Sakura and Snow

Late night of March 28, I checked my weather app and surprised to see snow forecast tomorrow morning. Surprised since I will be forecasted to fall in the middle of sakura season in Tokyo.

I woke up around 8AM on March 29 cause I feel like freezing inside my room. I turned my heater on and opened my window to see the situation outside. Once again, I was surprised on a heavy snow coating my neighbors rooftop.

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PRODUCE 101 JAPAN: International Fan Diary

September 3. I woke up and done my usual morning routine when I stumble upon a video passing in my Twitter timeline. And I never would have thought that PV of ツカメ〜It’s Coming〜 could change my fangirling experience.

I am a Kpop fan who watches Produce 101. Every time they releases the theme song, I easily get excited and checks who might be my pick for this season however to my surprise, they didn’t caught me and I sometimes dropped in the middle of the show and wait for the debut group lineup. Meanwhile, PRODUCE 101 JAPAN got me and become emotionally attached to the trainees and to my 1pick.

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GW 2019 Trip Day 1: Hitachi Seaside Park

Golden Week is a series of four national holidays that takes place within the last week of April to first week of May. Due to the end of Heisei and beginning of Reiwa era, three holidays are added on this year’s Golden Week. This year, me and my friends, Carmelle and Rex, gone a three-day trips to Tokyo’s neighboring prefectures. For our first day trip, we went to the famous blue flower hill at Ibaraki Prefecture, which is located at Hitachi Seaside Park.

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Spring Diary 2019: Sakura and Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan and due to its perfectly-shaped cone and snowy caps every winter and spring, this becomes the symbol of the country and attracts tourists from local to global. You may see it from Tokyo but it takes a luck to get a clear visibility from it. In order to see Mt. Fuji first hand, going to the Five Fuji Lakes will be a best choice. 

Me and my friend, Carmelle, went on a day trip to one of the most widely accessible Five Fuji Lakes from Tokyo, the Lake Kawaguchiko. 

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Spring Diary 2019: Nakano Sakura Dori

Getting to Nakano wasn’t really part of that day’s walk as I was initially planning to visit Inui Street only, a street inside the Imperial Palace where it only opens to the public during sakura season and autumn. However, my visit inside the Imperial Palace ended earlier than expected so I did a random pick of train lines in Tokyo Station and ended up going to Shinjuku via Marunouchi Line. While looking for what things to take in Shinjuku, I stumbled upon an Instagram post from my favorite local photographer on the railroad crossing with cherry blossoms.

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