Location Analysis: SPY x FAMILY

Detailed analysis of location for SPY x FAMILY. The locations were pinpointed through anime scene identification, Google Maps and transits. This article is made for comparative research purposes and a guide for reader’s future seichijunrei (聖地巡礼, pilgrimage).

Since the anime is currently on air, this article will get updated from time to time.

Loid’s Travel from West to East

The anime SPY x FAMILY is set during the Cold War where Germany was divided by West and East. Westalis is a fictional country based from West Germany while Ostania is based from East Germany (East is literally called as Ost in German).

From the anime, Loid is preparing to travel to Berlint (Berlin in real life). Basing the roof structure and the clock in the platform, he is likely departed from Cologne Central Station.

Along the way, a bird-eye perspective panned towards Ostania and a castle was shown (a foreshadowing?). That castle was modeled from Hohenzollern Castle, a hilltop castle located on the mountain Hohenzollern.

However in real life, you can’t see the castle along the railway as it was located in Southern Germany.

Mission in Berlin

So far, I can’t really pinpoint the exact area where Loid and his family lived but looking at the landmarks found in the anime, it’s high likely it was set in Berlin.

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

One of the most famous landmarks in Berlin is Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and it is no surprised they drew it in the background. It seems the anime was basing the tower to the current structure of the church as the original tower has a long pointed roof (photo below).

Friedrichstrasse Station & Alexanderplatz Station

The supposed meeting spot of Yor and Loid in episode 2 seems like a mixed reference from Friedrichstrasse Station (upper right) and Alexanderplatz Station (lower right). The fictional railway station has a pointed arc roof similar to Friedrichstrasse. Since I couldn’t find a cubic clock around the area, perhaps it was modeled from the clock found Alexanderplatz, which was only one train stop from each other.

Note: Real-life photos are taken from Google Maps and Street Views. Screenshots from anime goes to the respective animation production committee. Once again, this is made for comparative research purposes and guide for reader’s future pilgrimage. Take this article with credit.

One thought on “Location Analysis: SPY x FAMILY

  1. The red brick facade of Eden Academy is very reminiscent of the Rotes Rathaus in East Berlin, but the specific architecture is different. However, the fictional City Hall of Berlint, where Yor Forger works, though it is a white marble building, mirrors the shape and appearance of the Rotes Rathaus very closely.


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