Location Analysis: The Millionaire Detective

Detailed analysis of locations for Millionaire Detective (富豪刑事) – Balance: Unlimited. The locations were pinpointed through anime scene details, Google Maps and transits. This article is made for comparative research purposes and guide for reader’s future pilgrimage (聖地巡礼).

episode 1: “I Came, I Saw, I Sponsored”

The episode started at Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Building where Katou Haru works at the Detective Division. He then sets off to Ginza for the Classic Car Festival together with his colleague, Shinnosuke Kamei. 

On the other hand, Kambe Daisuke arrived at Haneda Airport, Tokyo’s nearest airport, and headed straight to Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Building.

Cars crossed paths: Sotobori-dori Avenue

Their cars have crossed paths at Sotobori-dori Avenue, a major downtown avenue in Ginza. More info: If you have watched The Case Files of Jeweler Richard, the crossing intersection in the opening goes along the same avenue.

To be exact, Haru and Kamei’s car goes southward and stopped on West Ginza 5-chome intersection, so as Daisuke’s car, who goes northward for Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Building. You can click the photo to clearly see the reference points.

Classic Car Festival: Chou-Dori Avenue

The Classic Car Festival was held along the Chuo-Dori Avenue, Ginza’s main road. 

Ginza Wako appeared in the scene
LeCafe Doutour (LeCafe Emma in anime)

Haru and Kamei were on stand-by in front of SMBC Bank ​in Chou-dori where they happened to see the First Division team at the opposite road.

K.Minamoto (K.Nikaido in anime)

Robbery incident: Kojunsha Street

They followed the First Division team and met them in front of Pharmacy Ishii in Kojunsha Street, a street adjacent to earlier mentioned avenue: Chou-dori Avenue and Sotobori-dori Avenue.

Pharmacy Ishii located in Kojunsha Street

Meanwhile, amateur robbers were looking for places to rob. The first two jewelry shops they observed exists in real world and is located in Ginza.

Star Jewelry (Space Jewelry in anime)
Ponte Vecchio (Ponto Vocchio in anime)

The robbers ended up robbing a chocolate shop, where they thought as a jewelry shop, in the opposite road as where Haru and team were. Sad thing, the chocolate shop doesn’t exist in the real world, however some details around the shop remains the same.

Well, except the location of the parking slot. In real world, cars in this street park at left side.

Robbers escape with the van containing the bomb towards Sotobori-dori Avenue.

Daisuke’s appearance: Chou-dori Avenue

He went back to the parade area and witness the commotion of a certain car. Daisuke, who rode the car, let his car bumped on a streetlight in front of unnamed store (Abercrombie & Fitch in real world).

Lion (Leon in anime) at corner of Ginza 6-chome intersection

Pursuit until Kachidoki bridge

According Daisuke’s butler, HEUSC, the van ran southward to Shinagawa passing Shinbashi Station.

JR Shinbashi Station
in front of Shinbashi Station

Due to HEUSC’s manipulation to road traffic, they guided the van from Shiodome (area after Shinbashi) to Kachidoki Bridge via Shin-ohashi-dori Avenue and Harumi-dori Avenue.

Shin-ohashi-dori Avenue in Shiodome area

At Miharabashi intersection, they turned right for Harumi-dori Avenue.

Ore no Bakery & Cafe (Bakery & Cafe in anime) at corner of Miharabashi intersection
Tsukiji area, Chuo-ku

Kachidoki Bridge is the only drawbridge on Sumida River. Built in 1940s, it opens to allow ships to passed by. However due to the improvement of highways and the decreasing ships passing by Sumida River, the bridge has stayed closed and never reopened.

Ending note

The first episode finally ended with Kambe Daisuke and Katou Haru at the rooftop of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Building.

Among all the anime location I pinpointed, this first episode of Millionaire Detective has so far the accurate details of location to the real world. I enjoyed so much looking on Google Street view comparing the buildings to the anime scenes.

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