A Year with JO1: JAM Diary

This may be overdue but I’ll share to you my first and best experience I had with JO1 as a JAM last year. It was quite surreal that I was able to follow a group so deeply unlike to my previous groups. I was a Kpop fan for 8 years and one group I ult-ed before JO1 was Wanna One. However for Wanna One, I didn’t do to the extent on following their activities and collecting all their stuff as what I’m currently doing for JO1.

One possible reason why I fall deeply on JO1’s swamp is probably because I got connected with them too fast and too early. Since I understand a bit of Japanese and currently working in Tokyo, the access in getting all the contents and goods were too convenient. The probability on meeting them is too high and it somewhat motivates me to work hard and go to concerts or live events to see them. However due to the current situation, it’s regretful that I only got to see them online.

Anyways, I’m going to write in blog was my 推し活 (oshikatsu, stanning activity) I did last year. This isn’t as detailed since it happened way back that my memory could retrieved most of them. I only get to relive them after looking at my past tweets and IG archives.

February, 2020: JO1 Fanmeeting in Yokohama

After seeing the news of their first fanmeeting, I was too excited that to the point that I was too nervous to enter my information on the lottery event. I have a sudden trauma after numerous defeats ever since Produce 101 Japan’s live audience invitation but I have a small faith that I could at least get lucky to win a ticket. But I was defeated. Quite understandable since lots of JAMs apply to the event which is too surprising for us and the other side (they even announced additional dates because of the sudden surge of applications).

Back to the point, I was defeated on the ticket lottery and even after sleepless nights on the resale war, I wasn’t able to get a ticket for the fanmeeting. Even without the ticket, I went to Pacifico Yokohama to line up for the merch and do trades for the first time. I never expected trading could be so much fun.

I remember I traded this with Tsurubo’s card I pulled.
This was my original top 4 oshi line.

After trading, me and my friends, who are Ruki JAM (Shiroiwa Ruki’s fan), did a short pilgrimage on the place JO1 shot their Y!Mobile CM. The shoot was located at Osanbashi Hall, a walking distance from the fanmeeting venue. I was into pilgrimage (as you can see mostly on my blogs at this site) so visiting the locations that my favorite group happened to stay for a short time gives me an indirect connection to them.

Overall, that day was really fun (but I think it’s gonna be more fun if I get a ticket). But probably I still have lots of opportunity in the future, once the outbreak settles down…

March, 2020: PROTOSTAR

It was the フラゲ日 (furage day, a day before the release) and just right when I woke up, I immediately went to the nearest convenience store to claim my CDs I ordered from Tower Records online. I got a short time to prepare for myself to work since I was so excited to unbox the CDs and see my first pulls.

Their first single! I was so excited to unbox this.
My first set of pulls!

I didn’t done much at this promotion aside from trading the cards for the group orders at the Tower Records Shibuya after work. But it was nice to see the store full of their faces. I was so proud of them by the time JAMs gathered at this store to buy CDs and when they placed #1 in the Oricon Daily Ranking for the first time.

Aside the trading card, I managed to complete all members of this store-limited flyers. As a collector, this is so far one of my accomplishments.

August, 2020: STARGAZER

At that time, I ended up using my vacation leave for furage day and CD release day in order for me to properly celebrate Kawashiri Ren, my 推し(oshi, group’s favorite member), for being the center of STARGAZER. The day before the release, I received my CDs from ForTUNE music. The inclusion at that online shop was solo bromide set of Ren.

I ordered 2 sets to complete all of Ren’s bromide set (still had to trade the other one)
My first set of pulls!

At the release day, I met Yora, a Takumi JAM (Kawanishi Takumi’s fan). We went to visit JO1 museum then to their collaboration event with Sweets Paradise. I remember how we rushed to Sweets Paradise since we had short time to travel from Shibuya to Harajuku. Thankfully, we get to reach our reserved slot time at the cafe. It was tiring but somehow changed after seeing their photos all over the cafe.

Signed panel of Sho, Junki and Takumi
Sweets Paradise at JO1 House
We took a photo with Yora at their big ad in Shibuya. Up until now, I’m thankful for Lapone to invest this for the second single.
Me and Yora at Sweet Paradise. Coincidentally, Yora was on the same seat Takumi sat at the JO1 House Sweet Paradise segment.

November, 2020: THE STAR

Finally the 1st album release. Quite sad the STARGAZER era is quite short (for like 2-3 months?). But at least we have something to look forward cause new CD release can be new contents released almost everyday.

I took another day-off on the CD release to have a lunch with Yora on JO1’s collaboration cafe with Tower Records. While waiting for our time slot, we made a short visit to JO1 Museum. During the visit, we met kind Japanese JAMs who talk with us even we are the only foreign fans in there. They were also Ren and Takumi JAM like us… and a 川川推し (kawakawa oshi, fan of Ren and Takumi’s chemi).

Speaking of kawakawa, our lunch at the collaboration cafe ended up becoming a kawakawa party. Coincidentally, our oshis were Ren and Takumi so we ordered their foods and drinks and MOST the pulls from our CDs and freebies were from them. I wonder if they gave us powers to pull both of them. lol

Becoming a JAM.

I had my firsts after I became a JAM. My first trading, my first Mercari listing and purchase, my first handling of group order, my first one-time $600 purchase, etc. Sometimes my firsts were completely out of my comfort zone, but for the love of them, I was able to pass thru them and become an ‘experienced’ person on what I was a year ago.

I just want to thank my past self on looking at her twitter and check the Tsukame MV, for Ren for his charming personality that made me stay and look for him throughout Produce 101 Japan, and for the JO1 members and fellow JAMs who continues to make each others memories more enjoyable. I wonder what if I didn’t become a JAM, what would my life looks like? Cause I know my current life as a JAM is too exciting and is something to look forward in the future.

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