Anime Pilgrimage #16: Yama No Susume (Mt. Tsukuba)

After previously hiked Mt. Takao, I went to Ibaraki to climb Mt. Tsukuba, where it appeared during third season of Yama no Susume

Access from Tokyo

From Tokyo, I bought an Tsukubasan Arukippu pass from Tsukuba Express that already includes a round trip ticket to Tsukuba Station and a shuttle bus towards the starting point of the trail. However, this doesn’t include the ropeway so I wasn’t able to cover Aoi and Hinata’s ropeway scene on this hike.

Ascending to Mt. Nyotai via Otatsu-ishi Trail

This is the shortest trail to Mt. Nyotai, one of Mt. Tsukuba’s twin mountain. But also the steepest among the trails. The trail’s starting point is at Tsutsujigaoka.

It recently rained in the area so trails were muddy and slippery. I discontinued using my camera worry it might break if I slip.

After passing thru Benkei-no-nanamodori, lots of strange rock formations were seen along the way.

The course gets steeper towards the summit. I admired those two high schoolers who was able to climb this at night.

After 45 minutes, I reached the summit of Mt. Nyotai and the view was really jaw dropping, worth to sit there for hours while looking the view. 


In order to complete my hike in Tsukuba, I climbed to Mt. Nyotai then descent via Miyukigahara trail.

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